Lockdown Index


Lockdown Index attempts to provide up to date and correct information where it can, although we accept that some details will be incorrect and outdated. We take no responsibility for any losses through cancellations that were made as a result of booking travel after consulting our website. We do not suggest that residents of the United Kingdom travel abroad for tourism and follow strict UK guidelines. We advise that you first research a country yourself, using government resources before travelling to a country.

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How we calculate the score:

The star ratings are given as a result of a combination of a variety of the data provided for any one given country, in order to reflect how ‘back-to-normal’ each country is following the outbreak of Covid-19

How we collect our data

The data on our site brings together information publicly available on official government websites and through the use of national and international media. The information strives to be as accurate as possible and is regularly updated. The last updated data will notify the user of when the information was sourced. If any inaccuracies are observed please contact us and let us know. It is our goal to give you the best possible information.